Our History

The Simmons family has deep roots in the  Buzzards Bay area: from Whaling captains to Swordfish harpooners and pro Bass fishermen ,we have the legacy of fish in our blood.  In the early 1990's we started Buzzards Bay Tackle in  Padnaram Village in South, Dartmouth MA.  After nearly 10 years in business, we decided to set out on a different adventure.This is where the Buzzards Bay Outfitters brand was born.

Our Goal

We want you to enjoy fishing and have as much success on these waters as we do. We gladly share our deep local knowledge of this wonderful fishery and provide you with  great apparel and gear for any adventure or activity that awaits you.

Our Ambassadors

Captain Jamie Simmons

Jamie grew up on Buzzards Bay fishing since he could barely walk. Son of former owner of Buzzards Bay Tackle, Jim Simmons "BIG JIM" he was surrounded by the fishing community at a very young age. Putting numerous hours and time on the waters surrounding the Elizabeth Islands and Martha's Vineyard when he was very young. There are very few people in the area that know these waters as well as he does. Whether its chasing Albies, pitching live bait for Striped Bass or fishing the Canyons he is always up for an adventure. 


Steve Hansel

Stephen was born and raised in Maine where he picked up a strong passion for the outdoors. He prefers extremely light tackle and fly fishing whenever the conditions are appropriate. When he is not in the office, he can usually be found stalking the south shore chasing stripers and ablies, or packing the truck up to take advantage of some of the great trout fishing that New England offers. He fishes very hard and appreciates others that do the same. If you see him out on the water, wonder over he might toss you a few flies to throw in your box.

Ray Jarvis

An avid multi species angler, Ray Jarvis has years of experience catching the various species that inhabit the waters of Buzzards Bay. Fresh or Salt, Ray carries his fishing knowledge base far and wide. While growing up in Mattapoisett, MA, Striped Bass became a staple in Ray’s fishing diet, entertaining and educating this young angler year round.  As a charter captain, and more recently as a fisheries biologist, Ray continues to practice and explore new tactics, investigate new waters and seek out the trophies that swim in the coastal and offshore waters of Buzzards Bay.

Alden L. Tangen

Growing up in Southeastern Massachusetts, Alden spent as much time on the water as he could. With an enormous passion for boats, in 2012 he graduated from IYRS, a wooden boat building school in Newport RI. To get through the frozen winters in the Northeast, he explores and skis the backcountry. A tight line and bent rod always gets Alden going. Buzzards Bay is a special place to him that has a bit of everything to offer. "I am proud to call it my home".